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Throughout the year, our firm has had the opportunity and honor of being able to assist so many people in their immigration processes, including the I-601A waiver. Here at Alcock and Associates we have an extraordinarily dedicated, committed, and passionate team of attorneys who are here to represent, work, and fight for you.

Because the entire immigration process can be quite confusing and complex, it is important to have the right person by your side because it can make a difference in a case. Through the many years of experience here at our law firm, we have been able to achieve hundreds of positive results from our different immigration processes. We also offer consultations that are completely free and reasonable payment plans.

The purpose of this I-601 waiver is to forgive the unlawful presence one has had in the United States, which eliminates mandatory time. This is when an individual has to return to their home country for about 3-10 years.

This means that the applicant would only need to leave the United States to attend their visa interview in their home country. We would love to be available for you and to be able to represent you. Here at Alcock and Associates we fight for our clients.


The I-601A waiver also allows the applicant’s beneficiary to wait in the United States while their waiver application is processed. The only way for a person to qualify for the I-601A is if they have a spouse or parent who is a U.S. citizen. There are several steps when it comes to a process like this. The first step is to file the I-130 application, which is a family petition. The purpose of I-130 is to classify the beneficiary immigrant/applicant as a relative of the petitioner. Approval of I-130 simply means that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is convinced that the applicant is the petitioner’s spouse. Therefore, there must be evidence that marriage is a legitimate marriage, and not just for immigration purposes. The I-130 family petition costs $535 and takes 6-9 months to process.

After the family petition/I-130 is approved, it will be sent to the Department of State. This means that there are two fees that must be paid to the National Visa Center. There are two charges, the first is $120 and the second is $325. These two immigrant visa payments and the DS-260 residency application, which is made online.

After paying the costs, you can show up. To be approved for an I-601A waiver, one must show that if they were not given entry into the United States, it will cause ‘extreme hardship’ to family members who qualify as a spouse or parents who are U.S. citizens. This includes evidence of economic, medical, educational, and emotional conditions. The cost of forgiveness is $715 and takes approximately 4 to 8 months.

After the waiver is approved, certain documents must be mailed to the National Visa Center so that an interview can be scheduled at the consulate of the applicant’s home country. One such document is the I-864 Statement of Support.

Very happy for having obtained my residency and for the patience they had handling my case. I went to my interview outside of the United States and I came back well, being a resident. When I went to my interview, they gave me everything I needed. The service was the best and with a very good price for the service. I recommend this law firm a lot, especially my attorney Lisa Elkin, excellent work!

- R.L.

Excellent service, thank you Alcock and Associates for your services, especially to Daniella Hernandez for her help and patience and explaining to us my siblings’ case, thank you very much Daniella.

- E.Z.

I am very thankful with the Alcock group, for the very good experience that I had from my first interview with Emmanuel and later on with Daniela Hernandez. I thank my attorney Nicholas for having excellent people and for solving my case, which was a petition through my daughter, and everything got resolved favorably.

- S.S.

Hi, my experience was very satisfactory, from the beginning the treatment was very good all the way up until the end, the attorney Lisa Elkin and the assistant Daniela were very nice and very professional, I was very happy with their service, I recommend them very highly, I thank them and I am going to highly recommend them.

- M.O.

It was a pleasure to have as a representative this wonderful work team. The immigration attorney Lisa Elkin and her very professional assistant Daniella Hernandez were always looking after my wife's case from beginning to end.

- B.A.

Thank you very much Alcock and Associates for your excellent service, especially attorney Lisa Elkin who helped me obtain my residency. This law firm is very recommended. Thank you!

- F.G.

I definitely recommend these attorneys, they helped me so much with my residency case. They were always there for anything I needed, especially attorney Lisa and Daniella Hernandez.

- R.J.

Thank you very much Alcock and Associates for all your service. I obtained my residency and came to the United States from El Salvador. Especially to my attorney Lisa, thank you very much. I recommend this firm very much. Thank you for everything!!!

- Y.M.

Thank you very much to my attorney Lisa and to Daniela. They were always very attentive in my case and thanks to that we obtained very good results. I completely recommend them and once again thank you.

- A.G.

After waiting for a long time, we finally are able to feel more at peace with our residency, thanks to Jennifer for her guidance and to Daniela for her help and patience, and to the attorney Nicholas for being interested in our case. Thank you.

- M.O.

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